Natural stones are considered an indispensable material in the world of construction and design. Natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, onyx and basalt have been recognized for years for their aesthetic value, durability and versatility. In this catalogue, you will see various types, usage areas and colors of marble and other natural stones. If you examine the relevant marble catalogues, you will discover the aesthetic beauties of Turkish marble.


What are the Marble Types? What is included in the Marble Catalog?


Marble Catalog:

Marble is famous for its color options ranging from elegant white to sophisticated black. This stone has wide usage areas. It can be used in many categories such as tiles, mosaics, sinks, basins, shower trays, pool flooring, profiles, plates, water jets and table stands.



Travertine is a natural stone and is usually found in beige, brown or cream colors. It is used in many construction projects such as wall coverings, flooring and exterior cladding.


Limestone Marble:

Limestone marble is known for its soft tones and texture. It is frequently used especially in blasted mosaics, special mosaics and polished mosaics.


Onyx Marble:

Onyx attracts attention with its colorful and transparent appearance. It is especially preferred for illuminated table tops or backlit counters.


Basalt Marble:

Basalt is often used in flooring and outdoor flooring due to its durability and solid structure.


Marble Colors:

Marble catalogs offer a variety of color options. Beige, white, grey, brown, cream, colored, yellow and black marble options are available.


Surface Treatments:

Marble can be customized by subjecting it to different surface treatments. While tumbled marble offers a rustic look, filled and honed marble provides a smooth and shiny surface.



Natural stones have the potential to add unique aesthetics and durability to design projects. Natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, onyx and basalt can be used in various applications in the construction industry and can adapt to any style with their color options. Marble catalogs offer designers and construction professionals the opportunity to explore the rich options offered by natural stones. A type of natural stone can be found to suit the specific needs and aesthetic goals of each project. To discover rich and aesthetic marbles, please review the marble catalogs and marble types. Türkiye is a country rich in marble mines. We recommend that you review the catalogs of Turkish marble companies such as Delta Marble online.