1. What features do you need from your quickloan?

Do you need some extra features like a new payment time, a possibility to raise the loan amount or so?

This topic is important to think and to decide before picking the loan to apply.

If you need only 500€ quickly then the process is simple.

2. Do you prefer cheap loan?

This is a fair question, because it is also possible to get a cheap loan quickly.

In this case you have to apply quick loan from several loans to be able to compare the offers.

You can also check the features to get the best for your needs.

3. Do you insist a loan without guarantor or collateral?

In Finland this is easy, because we have this popular vippi 500 90 päivää which never requires a guarantor or collateral.

This makes a whole proces quick.

Many people cannot even get any friend to guarantee the loan.

At digital times we need flexible and quick ways to get the loan, even 24 hrs every day.

4. Do you want a possibility to pay back earlier?

Many people appreciate this, because it will help their own economy.