Taking the B license exam with a car equipped with an automatic gearbox is a possible choice, but before making a decision, it is essential to fully understand the methods and limitations of this option.

Automatic transmission exam procedures
After passing the theoretical exam following the standard procedures to obtain the B driving licence, you have the possibility of taking the practical exam on board a car with automatic transmission, either through a driving school or as a private owner. According to paragraph 7.1 of the MIT circular no.28819 of 09/19/2019, also confirms Scoala Soferi Suceava the vehicles used for the practical exam do not necessarily have to have a manual gearbox, provided that code 78 is affixed to the license.

Code 78 on your driving licence: what does it mean?
Code 78, mentioned in the ministerial circular, is one of the numerous harmonized codes of the European Union that appear on the back of driving licenses and indicate specific requirements. In this specific case, code 78 limits the ability to drive vehicles with manual transmission for those who have obtained a B license with automatic transmission.

Differences between automatic and manual transmission
The manual gearbox is the most common type of transmission. With it, the driver manually selects the gear using a lever and a clutch, with the support of a pedal. Usually, the manual gearbox has five or six gears, but there are also models with a different number of gears.

The automatic transmission, as the name suggests, automatically selects the gear based on the speed and position of the accelerator. This eliminates the need to depress the clutch or manually select gear.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission
The only significant disadvantage of obtaining a B license with an automatic transmission car is the inability to drive manual transmission vehicles. However, the advantages are considerable:

  • Simplifies the exam for those who have difficulty with manual transmission and clutch.
  • It does not exclude the possibility of later obtaining a manual transmission license.
  • The car with automatic transmission never turns off, an advantage for new drivers.
  • It makes driving in traffic and uphill easier, also simplifying starts.
  • How to choose between automatic and manual transmission
  • The choice between automatic transmission and manual transmission depends on the personal preferences and needs of the driver. If you prefer manual control over your car, a manual transmission may be the best choice. On the contrary, if you are looking for maximum comfort while driving, the automatic transmission could be the ideal solution.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the conditions in which you will be driving the vehicle. The automatic gearbox may be preferable for driving in the city, in heavy traffic situations or in areas with many curves and climbs, guaranteeing greater comfort and ease of use. On the other hand, if you prefer manual control and drive mainly on open roads, the manual transmission may be the most suitable choice.

The decision between automatic transmission and manual transmission is a personal one and should reflect individual needs and preferences.