For some reason, your Amazon account has appealed to a locked or suspended account. In fact, many users still don’t understand why this happens, and your business is negatively affected. The article below will give you some reasons for the account being suspended and specific directions for settlement.

Appeal a locked or suspended account – What are the reasons?

Building a sales account on Amazon isn’t easy, as the store has its own regulations. You may appeal a locked or suspended account error. What are the causes of this error?

Causes of low business performance

“Removing your selling privileges” is one of the problems that sellers may encounter when doing business on Amazon. This error indicates that your account has been suspended and cannot continue sales. It’s because of low business performance.

Low business performance is one of the reasons the account was suspended

Amazon is very concerned about the customer experience they get when buying a product. So this e-commerce site always sets certain terms for monitoring sellers. When the number of items you sell is lower than the prescribed limit, it’s very likely that your account will be suspended. This limit includes the following elements:

  • The defective goods rate includes factors such as the customer’s rate of refund, the order compensation rate, and the rate of negative feedback.
  • Customer cancellation rate after ordering on Amazon, according to the seller account. 
  • Wrong delivery rates, delayed deliveries. 
  • The code code on the system is also related to the error of the account and the need to appeal a locked or suspended account.
  • The Customer Care Index specifies whether you need to reply to a customer’s message within the specified timeframe. Responding to your customers too many times will affect the quality of your account.

The seller violated the sales policy 

The second reason your account was suspended was because you violated Amazon sales policies. This isn’t just targeting sellers; it’s also reducing Amazon’s business performance. Therefore, update your account regularly so that it can meet the system’s standards. Some of the rules that sellers need to know when operating on Amazon are:

  • Information provided correctly does not engage in the defamatory behavior of other sellers.
  • Do not use personal information to register more than one sales account.
  • No interference or judgment.
  • Do not perform the buyer redirection to another website.
  • On one device, you can’t create two Amazon accounts at the same time.
  • It is not recommended to use the mass listing feature.
  • Do not use many different devices to log in to the main account.
  • Absolutely not to delete or distort Amazon’s delivery plan.

The seller must not violate Amazon’s regulations 

Wrong registration and account creation

You may not know that errors in the registration process and account creation will also cause your personal account to be suspended. Some bugs that users need to note include:

  • Use the computer that set up the previous account to create a new one.
  • Purchasing external information for registration will also suspend the account.
  • In the registration process, there was misleading information.
  • The main account is logged in using different browsers.
  • When you change your credit card, it can also cause the system to suspend your account due to suspicion of fraud.

Besides, Amazon has a lot of other special regulations to control users. In case of a violation, you will need to appeal a locked or suspended account.

Creating the wrong account will also cause your Amazon account to be suspended

Supplies unlicensed goods

Amazon is where you can sell everything, as long as you’re not on the list of products that aren’t allowed. If you violate this, the system has the absolute right to deny your login. For example, the list of restricted products would include chemicals, spicy products, functional foods, alcohol, stimulants… 

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