Is it true or not that you are searching for approaches to makeover your revolting beige marble chimney encompass? Learn to expect the unexpected. You can tile directly over the marble for a simple update!
Taking a gander at your marble chimney encompass and not cherishing it? Needing a simple end of the week undertaking to refresh your chimney? marble fireplace

Did you had any idea that with just enough cement you can apply tile directly over the essence of the marble chimney encompass and make a totally different look!

My Sweet Beige Chimney Encompass
One of the primary things I said when I did the last stroll through of my new development home was “That isn’t the marble I picked for the chimney. It looks peach, right?”

Obviously my developer excused this thought and I was prepared to move in, so I continued to travel through the remainder of the home and disregarded it.

Over the long run, I’ve brightened around the peculiar corner chimney, yet have never cherished it. It worked – it was fine.

Also I Expected that fixing the marble chimney encompass was either unthinkable because of the hardwood floor or truly costly.

Then, at that point, my karma turned! While getting things done, I found herringbone marble tile and penny tile at half off ($3.50 a piece) and concluded the time had come to refresh the chimney encompass!

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The most effective method to Tile Over a Marble Chimney Encompass
In the wake of taking a tiling class, I Realize that is something only not in my Do-It-Yourself wheelhouse, so I called a specialist named Leo.

He was the expert behind my new restroom redesign, so I realized I could depend on him!

While watching the cycle, it is Absolutely a Do-It-Yourself project you could do in an end of the week. You simply need some persistence and devices to take care of business properly.

The Primary explanation I could go over the current marble with tile is on the grounds that the trim casing was so profound at 2 inches.