Cream chargers, also known as nitrous oxide chargers, are commonly used in whipped cream dispensers to create whipped cream. When used with chilled liquids, such as chilled cream, the cream charger works by pressurizing the liquid with nitrous oxide gas. For more information please visit Nangs delivery

Here’s how it typically works:

Charging the Dispenser:

The cream charger is inserted into the whipped cream dispenser. The dispenser usually has a compartment where the charger is pierced, releasing the nitrous oxide gas into the dispenser.


The nitrous oxide gas pressurizes the liquid (cream) inside the dispenser. This pressure forces the cream through a nozzle in the dispenser, creating whipped cream as it exits.

Expansion and Whipping:

As the pressurized cream exits the dispenser, it expands due to the sudden release of pressure. This expansion causes the cream to whip, creating a light and fluffy texture. For more information please visit Nang Delivery

Chilling Effect:

If the liquid being whipped is already chilled, such as chilled cream, the cream charger’s pressurization and whipping action will maintain the chilled temperature of the liquid. The rapid expansion of the cream as it exits the dispenser may even further chill the whipped cream.
Overall, the cream charger works in conjunction with the whipped cream dispenser to pressurize and whip chilled liquids, resulting in the creation of whipped cream.