From here onward, Hajj and Umrah exercises will be directed under specific regulations which will be controlled or checked by the public authority.

Up to this point, the administration of Hajj was finished through a strategy, instead of which, the bureau has supported the draft of Hajj and Umrah The executives Regulation, 2020.
Bureau Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam informed the newsmen arising out of the gathering.

He said the hajj the board has been working through a strategy till the date and to that end the public authority faces troubles while taking any action against any organization, as they (offices) bring stay request from the High Court testing any activity. omrahajjpaschere

After the order of the new regulation, he said, the public authority can bring any hajj and umrah organization under preliminary in the nation regardless of whether they commit any offense in Saudi Arabia. omrahajjpaschere

Referencing that Saudi Arabia has changed hajj the board framework in 2011, the bureau secretary said India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia has outlined regulation and to that end Bangladesh needs a lawful design to furnish with their hajj the executives.

In the new regulation, he expressed, none without having enlistment under the law could manage any haji (hajj explorer) and the enrollment authority could make a move against any irregularity. omrahajjpaschere

As indicated by the proposed regulation, the enrollment of any hajj or umrah organization can be dropped for oddities. Plus, a hajj organization could be fined greatest Tk50 lakh, while an umrah office could be fined most extreme Tk15 lakh for inconsistencies, said Khandker Anwarul.

Assuming that any organization gets advance notice in the two successive years, its enlistment would naturally be suspended for quite some time, he added. omrahajjpaschere

Plus, claim can be recorded against criminal offenses carried out in Hajj and Umrah the board, said the bureau secretary.

In the law, if any hajj-related peculiarity perpetrated even in Saudi Arabia by Bangladeshi, it very well may be dealt with that it occurred in Bngladesh and legitimate advances including criminal and authoritative moves could be made in the country, he said. omrahajjpaschere

He referenced that the Strict Undertakings Service set the bill in the bureau in accordance with a mandate of the Bureau gave in 2012 to order a regulation rather than the current strategy.